Corner – photo challenge: The Temple Bar, Dublin

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post is about ‘corners’. In general, a corner can be an edge or meeting point of lines, streets, walls or similar things. Thinking of that, I directly remembered a specific are in central Dublin, located on the south bank of the River Liffey, which is called Temple Bar. It is circled by Fishamble Street at the west site, Dame Street in the South, Westmoreland Street in the East and the River Liffey in the north. Temple Bar is known the most cultural quarter in Dublin and popular for its lively nightlife and bars. With many streets and crossroads it’s always a surprise what might could be expected around the corner. Many corners are places for some of the lovely pubs the quarter is known for. One of the most popular venue there is The Temple Bar Pub.

The pub was founded by Sir William Temple (1555-1627) who moved to this area and built his house with garden on the newly claimed land at the corner of Temple Lane and the street Temple Bar. The name ‘Temple Bar’ originated in the 17th century when the word ‘Barr’ stood for a raised estuary sandbank that was used by people to walk on. Later the term was shortened to ‘Bar’. As the Temple family’s plot was located alongside the embankment of the River Liffey, it became known as ‘Temple’s Barr’ or short ‘Temple Bar’. Nowadays, around 160 years later, the bar is a lovely place to explore new musician, meet with friends and experience a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It’s definitely a place where you will experience a special time 😉


Temple Bar – Dublin, Ireland


Lovely decorated pub


Temple Bar at the corner – Dublin, Ireland


House wall of the Temple Bar – Dublin, Ireland



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