Linkin Park

Two years ago I had the chance to see one of my absolute favourite bands. I was in London to see “Linkin Park” in the “o2 Arena”. It was really great to see and hear them live on their “The Huntington Party Tour”. The show was just amazing! The supporting act was “Of Mice and Men” who were also really good.

“Linkin Park” is an American nu metal / rock band from Carlifornia formed in 1996. Until now they released six main albums:

2000 “Hybrid Theory”

2003 “Metorea”

2007 “Minutes to Midnight”

2010 “A Thousand Suns”

2012 “Living Things”

2014 “The Hunting Party”

They also released remixes of their songs featuring “Jay Z” and “Steve Aoki”.

The band is one of the most known rock bands worldwide who sold many songs and won a lot of awards. The members are “Cester Bennington” (lead vocals), “Mike Shinoda” (vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, piano), “Brad Delson” (lead guitar), “Dave Farrell” (bass), “Joe Hahn” (turntables, samples, keyboards, synthesizer, programming) and “Rob Bourdon” (drums, percussion).

I am really glad that I had the chance to be part of the concert which was a really great experience and of course a special time!

IMG_8956 Kopie
Of Mice and Men
IMG_8965 Kopie
Of Mice and Men
IMG_8971 Kopie
Of Mice and Men
IMG_8983 Kopie
Of Mice and Men
IMG_9037 Kopie
Linkin Park
IMG_9047 Kopie
Linkin Park
IMG_9082 Kopie
Linkin Park light show
IMG_9098 Kopie
Linkin Park
IMG_9115 Kopie
Chester Bennington
IMG_9146 Kopie
Linkin Park
IMG_9156 Kopie
Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington acoustic
IMG_9180 Kopie
Linkin Park
IMG_9224 Kopie
Linkin Park
IMG_9261 Kopie
Linkin Park and Austin Carlile (Of Mice and Men)


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