Relax – photo challenge

This week there was another weekly photo challenge of The Daily Post that I wanted to participate. The theme this week was ‘relax‘ which I think is very important to do šŸ˜€

We all live in a fast-paced consumption society  where everyone wants to be the first, best, biggest, loudest, fastest, prettiest, most outstanding or extreme. Hence, there is a continuouse competition, not only within the business environment but also between each individual in their privat lives or on social media. Therefore, it is even more important to take some time, step back, take a deep breath and RELAX.

For me there are many possible ways to relax and take a break. The first things that are most relaxing for me are my hobbies, family and friends. I listen to some music, make music myself with the piano or go to concerts.

Mallory Knox concert at Kasbah in Coventry
Making music always relaxes

I also go for a run or to the horse stable which is always relaxing as well.

How cute is that foal lying on the green gras at the Irish National Stud?


However, sometimes one day off or escaping the stress for a few hour is not enough. Holidays are the best way to leave everything behind and escape. Especially the sea or coast has something calming and relaxing… I absolutely love it there and always have a special time. Having a walk, watching the sunset or just listening to the sound of the water and waves šŸ™‚


Northsea and the Dutch coast
Irish Sea
Coast in Norther Ireland
Calm before the storm in Northern Ireland
Breaking waves in Ireland
Northern Irish coast

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