Prohevito in altum – new horizon

This year is nearly over. Hence, many people start thinking about their new year’s resolutions for the following year. This week’s photo challenge also animates to think about new horizons and possible resolutions or goals for the coming year. However, I was never a person who made a list with resolutions for a whole year. This does not mean that I do not have goals – no. I definitely know what I want, do set goals and try to do my best to archive them.

With the time, there might be changes that also affect goals or the path we go along. Hence, sometimes some resolutions set at the beginning of the year might also change. It is important to know what you yourself want and how you want to archive it. Sometimes, there might be the need of setting another additional goal to be able to archive the previous one. There are loads of ways and possibilities to reach them, you just have to find the one way that suites you most. And if there’s an obstacle in your way it might take a while to pass it but it is not impossible, especially if you are curious and excited for new things.

One thing I’m always thinking of regarding ‘new year’s resolutions’ or a ‘new horizon’ is <<provehito in altum>> (Jared Leto) which means ‘launch forth into the deep’ and widen your horizon to try something unexpected or new. It is important to challenge and improve yourself. There are many things that want to be discovered along your way providing a special time.

As this is meant to be photo challenge, here are some pictures that symbolise all those challenges, goals, opportunities, obstacles, difficult paths, decisions and possible challenges:


Set goals and widen your horizon


Challenging path (Rope Bridge, Northern Ireland)


The way to the top is never easy (Skellig Michael, Ireland)


A long road ahead (Ring of Kerry, Ireland)


Exciting way at the edge of the Cliffs Of Moher, Ireland


View towards the unknown (Beara Peninsula, Ireland)


Provehito in altum (Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland)

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