A good match – photo challenge

This week’s theme of the Daily Post’s photo challenge is ‘a good match’. For me, there are many perfect matches in loads of different topic areas. However, as spring is right around the corner and nature starts to awake of the winter break, flowers seem to be a perfect match for this season of the year. There are so many pretty and different types of flowers in all of the seasons. They could match with the season itself but also with other floral types, with raindrops, sunshine or the fauna.

I absolutely love taking close-up pictures of flowers and always have a special time 😀


Purple Osteospermum with lovely raindrops


Purple Anemone hupehensis in the sunlight


Gorgeous white Osteospermum


Sedum telephium – some open and some closed


Dark purple magical Osteospermum


Echinops ritro

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