Delta – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post has the topic ‘delta’ or more specifically something that symbolises ‘change’. As a delta is the area or low or flat land where a river flows into the sea. It changes from a river into the sea, starting a new greater journey into the unknown. Hence, for me, the horizon, the sea or the coast site always symbolise change and creativity. You never know what to expect if you would reach the horizon or what unknown creatures might surprise you on the journey through the dark sea towards the unknown. There might be always a surprise that requires you to change in order to reach your aim.

Having been at the Dutch coast in Zeeland, it was always an inspiring and fascinating place for me where I had a special time 🙂 Hence, I chose some pictures of the Dutch coast for this challenge. Furthermore, the Netherlands can be seen as a very big delta where the river Rhein flows into the North Sea.


Zeeland – The Netherlands, Northsea


Sunset at the horizon – The Netherlands


The unknown – Northsea, The Netherlands


la susi holland 1443x
Purple sky – Zeeland, The Netherlands


Golden sky – Zeeland, The Netherlands


Sunset and burning sky – Northsea, The Netherlands




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