Out of this world – photo challenge

I’m very sorry for posting a little delayed again! However, I still wanted to catch up on the weekly photo challenges, hence, here is my post for last week’s topic ‘out of this world’. In my opinion, it is a really lovely idea. We all get used to ‘normal’ things that surround us. However, sometimes there are little changes – maybe normal as well – but they let the usual seem very alienated and strange, or even out of this world. This feeling overcame me quite a while ago when I looked out of the window in the morning and found the branches of a tree outside covered in tiny spikes that shimmered in the beautiful sunlight. As I took a closer look, I recognised it was not snow as one would think seeing a white tree, but big ice crystals created through a mix of heavy fog at night and very low temperatures. It looked amazingly beautiful and I’ve rarely seen it ever since. The same occurred also a while ago when the settled snow turned into a sparkling spiky, gem-like cover. As the sun melted the first layer of the snow unevenly, the cold wind must have frozen the water and turned it into little ice crystals which looked absolutely beautiful. Furthermore, now turning from the beautiful but icy winter wonderland to a little warmer place, instead of finding the usual riffled sand patterns caused by the tides of the sea, there was a slightly new and more unusual pattern to be found with the low tide arising. The sand was structured into many little branches, almost looking like a network of veins in a human body.

Discovering all these strange or unusual natural experiences has been a lot of fun and definitely a special time 😉


Branches covered in spikey ice crystals


Garten (83)x
Snow with ice crystals


la susi holland 1040x
Sand covered in unusual patterns




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