I’d rather be – photo challenge

I just caught myself daydreaming about the lovely places ‘I’d rather be’ right now while procrastinating the work I actually should finish, when I realised that this was this week’s topic of the Daily Mail’s photo challenge 😀

As the weather just turned winterly cold again my mind took me to the lovely West coast in Ireland around Galway. The nature is absolutely gorgeous there and the calmness is highly relaxing. For me, these places felt like a completely different world, even though I’m used to being surrounded by forests and fields. Travelling in Ireland has always been a special time, as there is loads to explore and nothing looks the same!


CIMG0728x Lough Inagh
Lough Inagh – County Galway, Ireland


CIMG9636x Doo Lough
Doo Lough – County Mayo, Ireland


Clare Island Ferry Harbour – County Mayo, Ireland




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6 thoughts on “I’d rather be – photo challenge

    1. Thanks a lot! I’m happy you like it ☺️ It really is indeed! I love the nature and landscape there! It is very diverse as well… The South looks completely different than for example the North😁

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