Happy Easter

Happy Easter!


Even though I know that Easter is a religious Christian tradition, I always wondered how colourful eggs rabbits and sweets became the main Easter symbols and traditions nowadays of the holiday, as well as what’s the story behind them.

Easter is traditionally the celebration of Christ’s resurrection. The exact origins of the mystical mammal are still unclear. However, rabbits and eggs are an ancient symbol for fertility, birth and new life. Children place small baskets outside where the rabbit can hide some of the coloured eggs in them for the children to search for. The tradition of the coloured eggs can be dated back to the 13th century as part of a pagan tradition and festival to celebrate spring. As it Easter Sunday further marks the end of the period of penance and fasting. Therefore, people were allowed to indulge again and eat all the food they restricted during the period before.

It is always interesting to see where traditions came from and how they developed over the years. Even though not everyone is celebrating Easter, and not everyone hast the same reasons for celebrating it, it is a special time of the year to gather with the family and to enjoy a relaxing weekend.

Easter Eggs in Covent Garden, London


Easter Egg, Covent Garden


Easter Bunny






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