Smile – photo challenge

Last week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post had the topic ‘smile’ 🙂

As I currently attended a guided street art tour with Shoreditch Street Art Tours I got some inspiration for the challenge seeing all these amazing pieces of art. With the information we got during the three and a half hours walk through the streets, I now look at things way differently and pay a lot more attention to very small details 😉 There are so many different art styles, trying to bring a message across or just display a gorgeous piece of art. It was a special time and a great experience with a friendly tour guide who had a huge breath of knowledge! 

However, regarding the topic of the photo challenge, there are many different ways to smile. Some people smile to keep up their facade but are crying on the inside, others are smiling of joy, or a funny face makes someone else smile as well…


Forced smile – Wall with many different pieces of art by various artists.


Smile – Very nice, colourful and smiling lady as street art portrait.


Funny smiling skeletons making others smile as well 🙂




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