Prolific – photo challenge

Last week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post was about something ‘prolific‘ – for me it is about something successful. The first things that came onto my mind were ‘U2’ and ‘Dublin’. Being such a successful band, having fans from all over the world traveling to their hometown to follow the footsteps of music history is definitively showing their success. One of the famous U2-tourist attractions are the Windmill Lane Recording Studios which have been opened in 1978 by producer and music engineer Brian Masterson. Fans from all over the world came to breath in the creative air surrounding the studios and covering the wall in colourful graffiti. However, the walls have been cleaned in 2016, taking all its charme and live away.

Nonetheless, I was lucky enough to get to this iconic venue before all the memories have been erased and it definitely was a special time. Even though, I was just standing in front of the building I felt the prolific vibe that must have been a great inspiration for many musicians of the modern age.


U2 Trail


Windmill Lane Studios


Graffiti covering the walls of the Windmill Lane Studios




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