Lines – photo challenge

Last week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post had the topic ‘lines’, a very broad and versatile topic. There are so many ways in which lines can be captured. Whether they are crafted or form naturally, lines can be found anywhere. As I thought about the topic and what I could chose as pictures for the challenge, the first thing that came onto my mind was the cheese festival in Alkmaar, Netherlands. I remembered that I was always fascinated by the huge neatly lined cheese blogs that were weighted and carried in a traditional way as part of a tourist attraction. The next thing that came onto my mind was way more natural. I was looking at different pictures of flowers and saw their small veins which are the plants’ ‘pipe lines’ to get nourished. Finally, I thought of more through humans created architecture with columns which look like thick lines, connecting and supporting different parts of a building.

However, these are only three examples of many more possible ways to express ‘lines’. Nonetheless, it was a special time taking all the pictures, especially the experience at the cheese market 😉

la susi holland 1112x
Gouda in Alkmaar, Netherlands


Beautiful flowers with veins


Columns of the St. Paul’s Cathedral, England




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