Liquid – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post had the topic ‘liquid’.

I absolutely love taking pictures with the sea, a river or lake, rain and other liquid components. But most of the times the actual liquid element is not main part of the composition. However, sometimes, I do love taking pictures where the liquid component such as raindrops or waves are in the main focus which fits perfectly with this photo challenge.

A water drop is a very special and delegate object that might disappear quickly. It is fascinating how it keeps its shape for a little while before running away or just loosing its shape. Waves, which are formed out of thousands of water drops are another very fascinating object to take a picture of. They come and go, in all different sizes, and it is challenging to get a good picture of them sometimes. Nonetheless, it’s always a special time waiting for the perfect wave to come and being captured in a little photograph 😉


Water drops


Rain drops







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