Modern Error

Heavy rhythms, melodic hooks pared with a lot of energy.

The melodic hardcore band Modern Error from Peterborough, England, comprises all these components with their music, creating a dark vibe and mystical atmosphere through their sound and live shows. Formed in 2017, the quartet consisting of the brothers Zak (vocals) and Kel Pinchin (guitar, keys), drummer Conor Nicholson and bassist Lewis Grant, is currently touring together with the pop-punk band Homebound from Surry, England. So far, Modern Error released their debut EP ‘Buried and Blue’ in 2017 (self-released) and their latest EP ‘Blackout Poetry’ in 2018 (self-released). Musically, they mix rough and screamed vocals in the verses with melodic clean vocals in the choruses, underlined with a heavily distorted guitar sound that is lightened up with more melodic patterns during the chorus and further extended during the breakdown in the bridges. The melodic but still heavy sound creates a dark and mystical vibe.


Around 7pm, the doors of the venue, Thousand Island, opened the doors for a capacity of around 150 people. The first band on the stage was the London based alternative pop-punk band Out Cold comprising vocalist Josh ‘JP’ Parsons, drummer Will Gibson, bassist Paul Mackellar and the two guitarists Jack Clifton and Archie Jacob. Recently having released their Debut EP ‘The Truth Hurts’ they created a lot of energy to start the evening. Second band on the stage was Modern Error right before the main act of the evening, Homebound who are currently touring through the UK after releasing their new EP ‘More To Me Than Misery’.



The crowd consisted of a rather young audience who was very energetic and engaged in all three performances by creating circle pits, singing along or jumping around. Each set had individual and different facets which created a diverse set for the evening. While Out Cold’s and Homebound’s set was rather up-tempo and colourful, Modern Error created a unique dark and melancholic atmosphere. All three bands gave their best and seemed to enjoy their time on the stage. Even though there were some slight technical difficulties during both Out Cold’s and Homebound’s set, the fans seemed to have a great time and enjoyed all three bands. The overall sound was well balanced, and the light show was fitted to each individual performance which helped to create the wanted atmosphere.


The whole evening was a great experience with talented and promising musicians, great music and a satisfied audience. Both all the bands as well as the audience seemed to have a great time. Showing a lot of energy and engaging in the performance, all bands were overwhelmed by the positive feedback they received and could not thank their fans enough.
It was definitely a special time.




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