Carcer City – Final gig at the Black Heart

Fare well, Carcer City.


The Liverpool based metalcore band Carcer City headed out on tour for the last time as they decided to call it an end with the last stop of the fare-well-tour being the Black Heart in Camden. After twelve years of being a band and two full-length albums, Patch (vocals), Lewy (guitar), Ollie (Bass) and Brad (drums) released one final EP called ‘Silent War’ in March offering all the heavy guitar riffs and screamed vocals they are known for but also a melodic and atmospheric metalcore sound.



The Black Heart opened its gates around 7pm and slowly started to fill up with each set. Starting off the night, Tides Of Ire, a five-piece metal band set the vibe for the night, offering a mix of metal and rock with occurring nu-metal influences. Next up was the London based metalcore band Confessions Of A Traitor who upped the game and immediately set the energy levels high. Their set is known to be energetic and wild, especially as Stephen, Jack, Jackob and Tony turned on their beast-mode and joined the crowd in front of the stage for almost the whole set and got the audience moving. Third band of the night was the hardcore punk quintet Last Hounds who mix styles such as metal, hip-hop and punk. They directly picked up the energy Confessions Of A Traitor have left the stage with, branched out to fill the space in front of the stage and hyped the crowd for the final band of the night.



Carcer City upped the game and started their set with a blast. They played a good mix of all of their releases which was highly appreciated by the audience who screamed the lyrics back to the stage and enjoyed themselves moshing around. While all of the other sets where kept rather dark, Carcer City added fog machines and additional lights to the front of the stage which added more dynamic and a great vibe to their set. At the end the metalcore quintet thanked their fans from the bottom of their hearts for all the support over the years and left the stage with a happy and a crying eye.



Overall, it was a bittersweet evening as there were great bands playing amazing music which was highly appreciated by the fans. Even though it was to say fare well, everyone seemed to have a great time and enjoyed themselves either being on stage or as part of the crowd shouting the lyrics back to the bands. It was a special time for sure.



Venue: The Black Heart

Band: Carcer City

Support: Tides Of Ire, Confessions Of A Traitor, Last Hounds


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