Alexisonfire – Alexandra Palace, London

Alexisonfire played a handful of live shows around the world after heir hiatus.

Following the release of a new track ‘Familiar Drugs’ (2019, Dine Alone Music) earlier this year, the first one in around a decade, and the announcement of a small tour which included one UK date in London, the Canadian post-hardcore outlet returned from their hiatus. The quintet, comprising Dallas Green (clean vocals, guitar), George Pettit (screamed vocals), Wade MacNeil (vocals, guitar), Chris Steele (bass) and Jordan Hastings (drums), is known for their heartfelt lyrics, powerful guitar riffs, precise drum work and especially the mix of Dallas Green’s delicately soulful and melodic vocals and George Petti’s rough growls which are both accompanied by Wade MacNeil’s husky voice. Their discography spreads over four full-length albums and several EP’s showing their raw and honest emotion as well as the talent and art of each band member.

The beautiful Alexandra Palace opened its doors to an excited crowd, filling slowly but steadily, probably due to the high temperatures outside. First band on the stage to get the fans warmed up was the Canadian alternative rock band Chastity who blend different genres and styles such as pop, indie rock and post-hardcore creating their own style. They got the crowd excited with their energetic guitar riffs and screamed vocal style.

With Alexisonfire entering the stage, starting the set with their ‘Watch Out!’ (2004, Distort / Equal Vision Records) opener ‘Accidents’ the energy levels in the room increased rapidly and saw the crowd getting as wild as George Pettit who ripped of his shirt before the first song even ended. The setlist was well mixed offering songs from all their albums including the first song they wrote ‘Little Girls Pointing And Laughing’, ‘Young Cardinals’ and the ‘Watch Out!’ closer ‘Happiness By The Kilowatt’ with a snippet of Prince’s ‘When Doves Cry’ as encores. Starting the signature drum beat leading into ‘This Could Be Any Where In The World’ saw the crowd going mental while songs such as ‘Drunks, Lovers, Sinners And Saints’, ‘We Are The Sound’ or ‘.44 Caliber Love Letter’ got the fans chanting every lyric of the songs back to the stage. ‘Broiled Frogs’, ‘Rough Hands’ or ‘To A Friend’ showed the uniqueness with Dallas’ delicate and emotional soulful vocals alternating with Pettit’s unique roughly shouted vocals which together created a raw and hones atmosphere. The light show and well mixed acoustic enhanced the atmosphere created through the music.

The energetic ending of the set left the crowd hyped and satisfied. Everyone seemed to have a great time singing along and dancing around. Alexisonfire highly appreciated the support and love of their fans and seemed to have a blast being back on stage. It was definitely a special time with great music and amazingly talented artist leaving everyone wondering what’s up next.

Venue: Alexandra Palace

Band: Alexisonfire

Support: Chastity

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