Fever 333 – Electric Ballroom, Camden

Fever 333 selling out the Electric Ballroom in Camden on their first headlining UK and Europe shows.

‘There is a fever coming…’ all the way from Inglewood, CA. The American rock trio comprising vocalist Jason Aalon Butler, guitarist Stevis Harrison and drummer Aric Improta mixes different music styles such as rapcore, post-hardcore, rock, hip hop and punk, creating a unique new and dynamic sound. The mainly shouted vocals are accompanied by soaring guitar riffs and dynamic drumbeats which creates energy and tension that leads into screamed outbursts and breakdowns. Lyrically, they discuss politically and socially conscious topics such as racism, homophobia or sexism, trying to create a save environment for likeminded people and call for change. So far, they released their debut EP ‘Made An America’ (2018, Roadrunner Records) and their debut full-length ‘Strength In Numb333rs’ (2019, 333 Wreckords / Roadrunner Records).

Formed in 2017, they rapidly grew a solid base of followers. Hence, it was no surprise that the response to their tour announcement in the UK and Europe was highly appreciated by the fans. One of the tour dates was in London at the Electric Ballroom. The sold-out 1500 capacity venue opened its doors around 8pm and quickly filled up with fans who waited excited for the band to start the ‘demonstration’. There was no support act for the night, nonetheless, there were crowd surfers and even before the music started. Canting for the band to start, the crowd went absolutely mental when the curtain fell and the band started off with ‘Burn It’, leading into the second part of ‘Prey For Me’. There were crowd surfers right from the start and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. ‘Made An America’, ‘Animal’ and ‘One Of Us’ had the crowd screaming the lyrics on the top of their lungs and were followed by a beatbox and drum solo. They slowed down the set a bit with ‘Inglewood’, the second part ‘How Bad’ and ‘Am I Here’ where Jason joined in with the guitar. ‘Prey For Me’ had the crowd chanting along before losing their minds for ‘Out Of Control’ and the closer ‘The Innocent’. Chanting for encores, Fever 333 came back to perform ‘We’re Coming in’ and ended their set with ‘Hunting Season’. They were overwhelmed by the huge support of their fans and highly appreciated their energy and participation. The crowd seemed to have a great time dancing, moshing, crowd surfing their way to the stage and singing along. Jason, Stevis and Aric themselves seemed to have a blast on stage being as wild and energetic as the crowd. They climbed on the speakers and joined the crowd as crowd surfers. Before they left they also announced to be back with further ‘demonstrations’ in Europe and the UK in November.

It was definitely a special time, and everyone seemed to have a great evening. Fever 333 gave their best on stage and was overwhelmed by the positive energy and participation of their fans who enjoyed themselves moshing around and chanting along.

Venue: Electric Ballroom

Band: Fever 333

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