Cadair Idris

Cadair Idris is one of the mountains located in Gwynedd, the Southern end of the Snowdonia National Park in Wales. The Welsh name means ‘Chair of Idris’ and refers to Idris ap Gwyddno who was the prince of Meirionnydd in the 7th century and won a battle against the Irish on the top of the mountain. Even though the crater like shape of lake Llyn Cau, the bowl-like appearance came from a cirque glacier during the latest ice age. The mountain has a height of around 893m and is a well-known amongst hikers and walkers, offering several routs to the top.

On a nice day with a clear sight, the view from the summit is absolutely stunning, offering a beautiful landscape and panorama. It is definitely a special time walking up to the top and enjoying the view from the summit.

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