Last Hounds – New Cross Inn, London

Last Hounds hit the road in March playing four dates across the UK with more to follow.

Having self-released both their latest single ‘Running With The Dead’ last year and their ‘Old Dreams’ EP, the British hardcore punk group Last Hounds built a loyal fan base already. Musically, they combine punk-like guitar-heavy sounds with punchy drums and a mix of rapped and roughly sung vocals, creating an energetic dynamic.

With the New Cross Inn opening its doors around 7pm, people started slowly making their way to the venue as the UK based punk rockers Sharp Bones got ready to open the stage. Mixing pop, rock and easy core elements, they brought some energy with them, adding a punk-ish atmosphere. Even though people kept arriving throughout their set, Sharp Bones didn’t hold back and gave their best seemingly enjoying their time on stage.

Next up was the melodic hardcore outfit XIII Weeks (read here) who picked up the energy and lifted it to another level. Having released their debut EP ‘In Memoriam’ they already played several shows throughout the year and saw their fan base grow. The mix of soaring riffs, punching drumbeats and ambient guitar melodies accompanying an alternation between screamed verses and anthemic choruses created a unique dynamic yet vulnerable atmosphere. Their energy got the people hooked right away and left them excited for more.

Third band of the evening was the five-piece London based post-hardcore band Tether who just released their first two singles last year. Fusing heavy rock with metal and punk their set was packed with energy. Mainly screamed or almost spoken vocals in the verses lead into catchy choruses, while the heavy guitars and present drums added a punk-ish flair. Hopping off stage and whirling around in front of the audience, the guys seemed to have a blast themselves and set the vibe for the final band of the evening.

With Last Hounds entering the stage, the crowd got excited and got to witness a wild show. Mikey joined the audience in front of the stage right from the start whirling around and climbing on the drum kit and delivering a little drumming session himself off stage. Everyone seemed to have a great time and appreciated the energy they brought with them, so much so, that they chanted for an encore.

It was definitely a special time with good music, great bands and loads of energy. The audience seemed to enjoy all sets which was highly appreciated by the bands. Even though it took people quite a bit to arrive, all bends gave their best and were warmly welcomed by everyone who came down earlier.

Venue: New Cross Inn

Band: Last Hounds

Support: Sharp Bones, XIII Weeks, Tether

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