London NYE

For the celebration of the “New Year’s Eve” 2014 / 2015 I stayed in London.

One of the biggest highlights to celebrate this day was the huge and great firework near the river Thames at South Bank right next to the “London Eye”.

This year it was the first time that you had to afford tickets to get access to the specific areas. There were the South and the North areas, both divided into two parts. The South area was rear the “London Eye”, whereas the North area was again divided into two parts: between the “Westminster bridge” and the “Embankment Station” as well as between the “Embankment Station” and the “Temple Station” where you had a great view on the firework close to the river “Thames”. In one of the areas they also had some live music with artists such as “Queen” or “Adam Lambert”. In the area right in front of the “London Eye” they didn’t have live music, but provided some music from London’s radio station.

It was a great pleasure to watch it and it was definitely a special time!

I want to wish everyone a happy and great new year 2015!

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