“The Theory of Everything”

Last week I went to the “Odeon” cinema to watch “The Theory of Everything”, a british romantical drama based on a real story about the british theoretical physicist “Stephen Hawking”, directed by “James Marsh”.

The story is about the relationship between a young couple, Jane and Sthephen, growing old and facing difficult broblems in their lifes. The main characters Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde Hawking are played by “Eddie Redmayne” and “Felicity Jones” who both did an ingredible job.

The movie is quite realistic and doesn’t need any additional effects to be great. The music by “Jóhann Jóhannsson” is really great, emotional and just right to emphasise the feelings the movie wants to convey. Even though it was actually a quite heavy, profound and sad story, there were also some humorouse and funny moments. It is a movie that makes you think a lot about love, relationships, beeing together and how you would react if you were the characters.

Love is a really personal thing between two people, nothing general and touchable. It is different for everyone and in any situation. There are great times when everything is well, but there are also hard times when it is really hard to stick together and to find a way back to the great times.

The relationship between Stephen and Jane was different from the beginning and both new that there would be a lot of difficulties in their future. One of the reasons was also Stephens diagnose of “motor neuron disease” and his life expectancy of only two more years. Despite all this they married and tried to stick together even in their hardest times. During these hard times Jane seemd to develop feelings for an other man, but she never betrayed her husband and stayed by his side which is really hard, emotionally and physically. Would it be right to blame her for developing feelings for an other man? There might be no right or wrong answer. On the one hand she never really betrayed her husband and was at his side all the time to support him with all her strength, but on the other hand they both changed and seemd to drift apart. Even Stephen seemed to develop feelings for an other woman in the end and it was him who kind of released his wife to leave him and get happy with someone else so both could be happy again.

An other topic to think about in the movie is the discussion of religion and science, if there is a god or something superior or not. At the beginning Stephen is not beliving in any kind of religion, because there would be clushes with science. Jane was always believing in religion. In the end even Stephen is becoming more openminded towards religion, maybe thinking that there might be something more, but he won’t interfer in the belives of science.

The movie is really moving, showing both sad and happy moments, combining a love story with topics such as science and religion. For me the ending also is kind of happy because both Jane and Stephen tried to do their best to stick together, to help eachother and to make eachother happy, even if that means that they have to go seperated ways in the end. Growing old despite getting a diagnose of a life expectancy of only two more years is also a miracle itselfe.
It’s a really beautiful movie, based on a real story, with convincing actors and no big effects added, asking to think about the movie itself and about your own life.

It was a pleasure for me to watch the movie and definitely a special time! I really recomend watching this movie.

"King's College", Cambridge, Uk
“King’s College”, Cambridge, Uk

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