30 Seconds to Mars – Festhalle Frankfurt

In November two years ago I went to see “30 Seconds to Mars“.

30 Seconds to Mars are an American alternative rock band that was formed in 1998 in Los Angeles, Carlifornia. The Band consists of the two brothers Jared and Shannon Leto, who both formed the band, as well as Tomislav Miličević. Jared Leto is the lead vocalist, plays guitar, bass and keyboard. Shannon Leto is the drummer of the band and Tomislav Miličević is the lead guitarrist, plays bass, strings, keyboard and other instruments.

Until now they released four studio albums being “30 Seconds to Mars” (2002), “A Beautiful Lie” (2005), “This Is War” (2009), and “Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams” (2013).

The show I went to was part of their Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams Tour which was incredible. They had an amazing show, played a good mix of both older and newer songs, and the atmosphere was energetic and electrifying! It really was a special time seeing them and being part of the ‘echelon family’ as they call their fans!

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