Breaking Benjamin – KOKO Camden

A few days ago I went to another concert which took place in  the KOKO – Camden London. The band was called Breaking Benjamin, as you might have already figured reading the title of the post.

Breaking Benjamin is an American post-grunge and alternative metal band from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Benjamin Burnley who is the lead singer and guitarist founded the band together with Jeremy Humme, former drummer, in 1999. The current band members are Aaron Bruch (bassist and backing vocals), Keith Wallen (guitar and backing vocals), Jasen Rauch (guitar), Shaun Foist (drummer) and the only remaining original member – Benjamin Burnley. With their musical style they are one of the few modern rock bands that can be immediately recognised listening to the mix of hooky jams, hard-edged riffs and emotional vocals.

So far the band released five albums which are ‘Saturate’ (2002), ‘We Are Not Alone’ (2004), ‘Phobia’ (2006), ‘Dear Agony’ (2009) and ‘Dark Before Dawn’.

The show in London was their first show ever overseas and was supported by Starset, an alternative metal/electronik rock band from Columbus, Ohio, who also were really good.

The concert was amazing and it was definitely a special time seeing them live!




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