Camden Market, London

As I mentioned in the post before, I went to London, Camden for a concert. Camden Town is one of my favourite areas in London and I think it is definitely worth  going there.

Camden is a borough in north-west London, part of Inner London and was founded in 1965. The borough was named after Camden Town, which itself was named by Charles Pratt who was the first Earl of Camden in 1795 and offers now a mix of markets, cuisines and live music venues. The development of the Grand Union Canal and the railway system turned it into a vivid and lively part of London which attracts not only many tourists but also locals gathering to treasure in Camden’s market, to stroll by Regent’s Canal, to listen to live music in one of the scene clubs or try different tastes of the world cuisine. It is the fourth-most popular visitor attraction in London, attracting around 100.000 visitors per weekend and even stars such as Amy Winehouse made Camden Town their home.

There are many different markets such as the Stables Market, Camden Market or Camden Lock Market which are labyrinths of open air stalls and shops, offering different kinds of crafts, food, jewellery,  books, arts, second-hand articles or clothing. It began as a small crafts’ market each Sunday in 1974 and developed into this complex of different markets with the years. It was used to be opened only on Sundays with a mixture of temporarily and fixed stalls. However, with the opening of local supermarkets a few years ago, many of the traditional stalls closed and today there are no original stalls left and have been replaced.

Being a hub for London’s live music scene, there are have been many legendary venues launching big names. The KOKO, The Underworld or Electric Ballroom are great venues for seeing different kinds of bands or acts, whereas venues such as the Jazz Café or Blue’s Kitchen are more known for jazz and blues performances. Other venues also cover film, art installations, theatre, comedy or fringe performances.

With all its diversity Camden town is always an interesting, cultural, vivid and colourful place to visit and I definitely have a very special time whenever I visit the place!

Here are some impressions:




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