Lake of Derwentwater

Only a short walk away from the centre of Keswick town there is a very beautiful lake fells of Cat Bells in the west, the viewpoint of Friar’s Crag in the east and the entrance to the beautiful Borrowdale valley at its southern foot. The town offers many boutiques and shops providing outdoor equipment as well as there are many pubs, café’s and restaurants in which energy levels can be reloaded after the eight miles walk around the lake. Just south of the town there is a small theatre right next to the lake.

With the beautiful light, the sparkling water and the stunning view it was definitely a special time visiting the Lake of Derwater and the cute town centre of Keswick.

Lake of Derwentwater – view from the theatre
Lake of Derwentwater – view from the theatre

Lake of Derwentwater – view on the Skiddaw Mountain

Lake of Derwentwater – view at fells of Cat Bells

Flora of Keswick
Keswick city centre
City centre of Keswick
Old houses in Keswick

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