Bring Me The Horizon – Alte Feuerwache

This year many of my favourite bands went on tour, so I had the pleasure to go to another concert in April – Bring Me The Horizon, a British alternative metal and rock band from Sheffield which was formed in 2004. The current members of the band are vocalist Oliver Sykes, drummer Matt Nicholls, guitarist Lee Malia, bassist Matt Kean and keyboardist Jordan Fish, who joined the formation in 2013. With Jordan Fish as a new member, the music style of the following album Sempiternal changed slightly and became more melodic with a frequent mix of screamed and sung parts. In the beginning, their music style was described as metalcore and deathcore which changed over the years to post-hardcore, technical metal, alternative metal and alternative rock. With their latest album they had a special concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London to support the Teenage Cancer Trust, featuring an orchestra conducted by Simon Dobson. Until now Bring Me The Horizon released five studio albums which are ‘Count Your Blessings’ (2006), ‘Suicide Season’ (2008), ‘There Is A Hell, Believe Me, I’ve Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret.’ (2010), ‘Sempiternal’ (2013) and ‘That’s The Spirit’ (2015).

The concert I went to was within their ‘That’s The Spirit’ tour in April and was supported by DON BROCO, a British rock band from Bedford, England. The venue was a smaller club for around 1500/2500 people, which I think was really great as the atmosphere is cosier and more personal. Unfortunately, there were some technical issues during the performance of the supporting act who then had a hard time animating the crowd. However, as Bring Me The Horizon entered the stage and started their show, the people immediately were banned by the musical as well as lightning show and started dancing, singing along and creating circle pits. The timing of the lights, the music and animation at the back fitted perfectly and the quality of the sound, the synth and the musical, as well as technical acoustics, were really good. The band were motivated, delivered a great and honest performance, showing their talent and experience.

The concert as a whole was really great, the performances awesome and it was definitely a special time seeing them live!




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