Magic – photo challenge

This week I thought I should also participate in a weekly photo challenge of The Daily Post. This week’s theme is magic and I think it is a really great topic. Magic can be many different things and is unique for each and everyone. It could be an atmosphere that is magical or some vibes and moments, or maybe something more ‘obvious’ such as wizardry as Harry Potter and his friends have shown.

For me, there are many magical moments that occur during trips, while being around friends, or listening to music at concerts and festivals. There is always something that gives me goosebumps or lets me shiver. So here are some examples what magic means to me expressed in pictures that I took while having a special time.

The wild Irish Sea


Skellig Michael


Rain, clouds, and sunshine at the Beara Peninsula


Lighthouse in Northern Ireland with a beautiful rainbow in the background


Great sunset on a campsite in Wales


Breathtaking view on top of Mount Snowdon in Wales


Seeing Linkin Park in London who are one of my favourite bands


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