Christmas Special – 1st Advent: Christmas market

The Christmas time is just around the corner and there are many things that make this time of the year special. As I saw this week’s topic of The Daily Post which asks for things that make this time of the year special I thought I would post a Christmas related topic every week at the advents day that makes this time of the year special and is also special for me.

Starting with the first advent today this time of the year would not be special without all the CHRISTMAS MARKETS that just have opened recently. Originally, Christmas markets originated during the 14th century in Germany. Their main purpose was to provide the villagers with all necessities they would need for the cebrations during the winter and Christmas time. Therefore, different guilds such as craftsmen, basket makers, toy makers or confectioners were allowed to build a stall at the market place in the city centre to sell their products and creations. As not only the craftsmen got profits out of this markets but also the villagers, the tradition continued and was carried to other cities and countries as well.

Nowadays, the meaning of Christmas markets has changed a little bit, being the place where people can gather together buying lovely Christmas presents, eating and drinking Christmassy treats and getting the Christmas vibes. Most of the time a really huge and beautifully decorated Christmas tree marks the middle of the Christmas market and is surrounded by many stalls where visitors can find local specials, roasted almonds, chestnuts, gingerbreads, German Bratwurst or hot beverages such as mulled wine and punch to warm themselves in the freezing cold. Other things that are sold on the markets are Christmas decoration, jewellery, candle, crib figures for the nativity scene and many other Christmassy things. Such a nativity scenery is always a stable part of the markets as well as visits of Santa Clause who brings gifts to the children. Sometimes, there is also an ice skating area provided where people all ages try not to fall to harsh and show their talents.

With the time, the tradition also reached other countries around the world such as for example England. However, it was very interesting seeing that these market mainly focus on food and beverages such as German Bratwurst, puddings, mulled wine and beer. The German origin still can be fund as the products kept their German names. Hence, some of the stall sell ‘Glühwein’, ‘Bratwurst’, ‘Schokofrüchte’, ‘Schwarzwälder-Kirschtorte’ or ‘Brezeln’. Of cause, the music played is international and the atmosphere is also great, anywhere in the world.

For me, Christmas markets are definitely something that should not be missing during the Christmas time as they kind of mark the beginning of this time of the year and create the Christmassy atmosphere. I always have a special time visiting Christmas markets and it would not be a real Christmas without them for me.

Here are some pictures of Christmas markets I have been to in the last few years:

Christmas market in Birmingham, UK
German Christmas market Birmingham
Sparkling lights and Christmas vibes in Birmingham
Pretty stalls in Birmingham
Christmas decoration in Birmingham
Christmas decoration to buy
Way too crowded Christmas market in York, UK
Christmas market in Manchester, UK
Pretty lights in Manchester
Christmas pyramid – part of every Christmas market. Here: Manchester
Loads of puddings and sweets
Christmassy live music in Manchester
Christmas market Edinburgh, UK
Edinburgh Christmas market – view from the bridge
Crowded market in Edinburgh
Many stalls and great weather in Edinburgh
Small Christmas market in Coventry, UK
Sparkling lights in Coventry
Christmas lights in Coventry
Christmas market London, UK
Sparkling lights in London
Christmas market London looking a little bit like the German Oktoberfest rather than a typical Christmas market
German Christmas market in Karlsruhe, Germany
Shining lights at the Christmas

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