Slaves (US)

One of my absolute highlights this year was the Slaves (US) concert in Cologne. They are a Post-hardcore band from Sacramento, California (USA), founded in 2014. Currently, the members consist of Jonny Craig (vocals) and Colin Vieira (bass). So far, they released 2 full-length albums through Artery Recordings named ‘Through Art We Are All Equals’ (2014) and ‘Routine Breathing’ (2015). After their European Tour in 2016, they announced that they would start writing a third album. Their music style is influenced by Emarosa and Dance Gavin Dance, for which Jonny Craig has been a former vocalist. The lyrics are written on a very personal and emotional basis and Jonny Craig’s voice sounds very soulful.


Slaves close to the crowd


Jonny Craig and Colin Vieira of Slaves


Slaves creating a great atmosphere


Slaves enjoying the stage


Jonny Craig animating the crowd


Such an amazing voice


Jonny Craig animating the crowd to sing along


Jonny Craig enjoying the stage


Spot on – the lighting created a really good and mystical atmosphere


Slaves having a blast on stage


Jonny Craig surfing the crowd


Jonny Craig enjoying the show


Right in front of the crowd


Supporting act of the band was Fall of Gaia, a German Metalcore band from Castrop-Rauxel, founded in 2013. The band consists of Sebastian Stolz (vocals), Trey Bals (guitar), Denis Dzieza (guitar), Alexander Buxmeier (clean vocals), Tobias Schymik (bass) and Stefan Buchwald (drums). In 2014 the band released their debut EP ‘I Will Prevail’ which was produced together with Daniel Haniß from Eskimo Callboy. Afterwards, they released their debut full-length album ‘Grovestreet Stories’ without the support of a music label in 2015.


Fall Of Gaia animating the crowd


Fall Of Gaia having fun on stage


Sebastian Stolz of Fall Of Gaia


I think Fall Of Gaia was a very good supporting act for Slaves who got the crowd right from the beginning. Everyone could hear and see that they love what they do, had a blast on stage and animated the fans to jump and sing along. As soon as Slaves entered the stage the crowd was caught by their energy and by the great atmosphere. The band seemed to be very grateful and happy to be able to be on tour as they had some issues and restructuration regarding the band. This lead to a slightly shorter set as planned, as the new musicians had to learn all the songs in a very short time. However, the fans were happy that the tour wasn’t cancelled and sang and jumped along having an awesome time. The atmosphere was amazing, mystical, cosy, magical and kind of personal as the venue was a very small one. The MTC in Cologne is a small club venue for parties and mainly Rock or Indie Bands. Around 300 people can fit in the venue which creates a really cosy and personal atmosphere, what I really like. The acoustic and lighting was also good and very raw which in my opinion was perfect as the music could speak for itself. At the end of the concert, both bands stayed at their merchandise stands for signing and pictures while selling their merch. The guys were very friendly and nice, taking their time to talk to everyone.


MTC Cologne


For me, the concert was absolutely amazing and one of my highlights this year! I had a special time and hence, I was even happier to hear they’ll come back next year for another tour with a new album! I’m really looking forward to that 🙂

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