Path (to the Upper Lake in Ireland) – Photo Challenge

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post is ‘path’. A path can be a physical way someone is walking on, for example for a walk in the park or the hike up a mountain. But a path can also be meant symbolically for a direction of someone’s life situation or the aims a person is trying to reach. In the last years there were many paths I was walking on literally or symbolically. Especially regarding summer holidays, I travelled loads of small paths or bigger roads. One quite impressive route I was travelling on was the Ring of Kerry in Ireland around two years ago.

Ring of Kerry, which is officially named Iveragh Peninsula, is a very famous panoramic tourist trail, showing a very mystical and unspoilt region of Ireland. There can be found really beautiful lakes and beaches. One of the many gorgeous places there my path led me to was the Upper Lake which is part of the Killarney National park. The Upper Lake, the Lower Lake (Lough Leane) and the Middle Lake (Muckross Lake) together are almost a quarter of the whole park. However, they are not interlinked and every lake has its own ecosystem, but they join at the Meeting of the Waters. The Upper Lake is the smallest of the three lakes and located between rugged mountain scenery in the Black Valley or upper Killarney region.

As the weather was amazing the day I went there and there was no wind at all, the view was amazing and the landscape was reflected perfectly on the water surface 🙂

Stunning scenery


Blue skies


Awesome reflection


Such a great landscape


Beautiful nature


Stunning reflection


Amazing sky


It looks like a mirror


Many shades of green and blue


Beautiful view


It was definitely an interesting path to go with magical views and I had a special time there.

9 thoughts on “Path (to the Upper Lake in Ireland) – Photo Challenge

    1. Thank you very much! I can’t imagine that. It is such a lovely place with stunning views and beautiful nature! I wish you a great journey and a beautiful experience:)


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