Name – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of The Daily Post is about a ‘names‘. A name is something that helps to distinguish and identify a living creature, a thing, a place or person. Hence, travelling around different continents and cities, there are loads of names crossing one’s way. However, sometimes there is not a written name needed to identify something especially when it comes to countries and cities. Landmarks are the signs that symbolise and stand for a city, country or place. Especially landmarks of capital cities might replace a name as identification. Seeing the landmarks, it is directly clear which city it stands for. However, even though landmarks can stand alone, symbolising something that therefore doesn’t need to be named, they have names themselves to be easily identified and to be unique.


Here are some landmarks I have seen…

Eifel Tower – Paris, France


Eifel Tower – Paris, France


Eifel Tower – Paris, France


Moulin Rouge – Paris, France


Big Ben – London, England


Big Ben – London, England


Houses Of Parliament and Big Ben – London, England


London Eye and Houses Of Parliament – London, England


Different typical landmarks of London – London, England


Bobbies in front of the Buckingham Palace – London, England


Queen Victoria statue in front of the Buckingham Palace – London, England


Walt Disney Concert Hall – LA, California (USA)


Hollywood sign – LA, California (USA)


Tulips in the Garden of Europe (Keukenhof) – Lisse, Netherlands


Visiting such resilient, ancient and historical landmarks is always very impressive making the visit a special time. With the different cultures and the stories behind the monuments, they are sometimes quite mystical and magical. Some are also telling the stories of many people who had to give their lives while creating such buildings, during wars or other unfortunate happenings. It is always interesting to step into their footprints and follow their path. Let’s see where the way is leading to next…

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