Ambience – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post is about ‘ambince’. The word ‘ambiente’ originates in the Latin word ‘ambientis’ (Genitive of ambiens) or ‘ambire’ (to surround). An ‘ambience’ can be an atmosphere, environment or surrounding. It creates specific vibes that make people feel good or sometimes uncomfortable if they don’t like the ‘abience’ of a venue for example. If the ambience is right and positive, it could create an imagined world where a person could escape to in order to relax and feel good. Especially through influencing human senses, the right ambience can be created. For example, the right lighting, music, smell, taste or feelings are very important.

For me, the sound of crashing waves combined with the warm golden light of the setting burning sun and the salty smell of the ocean create a perfect ambience where I feel well cosy. However, I also enjoy the feeling and ambience that can be found at concerts and festivals. The atmosphere there is amazing! There is awesome music, everyone is singing along and has fun, everyone seems to be connected without having an actual connection and with the right lighting the atmosphere is perfect. Another great ambient for me is within nature or better, stunning landscape. The sound of the birds, wind and other natural things combined with the stunning views over a countryside, or the beauty of nature, amazing reflections in the mirror-like surface of the water, no traffic or crowds, all that creates a great ambience. However, the perfect ambience is where I feel home. If all the components play together the right way and just feel right now matter how it kind of feels like home.

All those places were part of a special time, were magical in their own way and made me want to come back 🙂


Magical ambience at the We Are Harlot concert at Rock am Ring


Lighting and music create a great ambience at the Muse concert in Munich


Great festival ambience with the warm light of the setting sun at Rock am Ring


Festival ambience at Rock am Ring


Stunning view over Snowdonia mystically covered in fog


Great ambience with a stunning view walking down Mount Snowdon


Stunning waves at the Irish coast


Raging sea at the Irish coast


The warm light of the sunset combined with the fresh air and smell of the sea always creates a lovely ambience – Northsea Zeeland, Netherlands


Northsea beach in Zeeland, Netherlands – absolutely lovely!


Sunshine right before the storm was coming at the Beara Peninsula in Ireland – this creates kind of a mystical ambience


Doo Lough, Mayo in Ireland – looks like a different world


Sun set while crossing the Channel with the ferry – the stripes of the light create a very mystical ambience


Fog always creates a mystical and sometimes scary atmosphere – Glenda Lough, Dublin Ireland


Shadows and light at the Hill of Slane, Meath Ireland


Old Head of Kinsale, Ireland


Film-like scenery – Pollacapall Lough at Kylemore Abbey, Connemara, Co. Galway Ireland

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