Graceful – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post focuses on something ‘graceful’.

Gracefulness is a word originated in the philosophical aesthetics during the Greek ancient times. With the ongoing loss of the word’s importance within the modern use of languages, unfortunately, it is used very rarely nowadays. Originally, ‘gracefulness’ embodied the three graces Euphrosyne, Thalia and Aglaia, standing for cheerfulness, festive joy and glamour.

‘Gracefulness’ can be embodied by many different things. It does not have to be a specific person such as a royal. Animals, flowers, nature, buildings or other things can show a certain aspect of gracefulness as well. So here are some capture that I think embody or show a certain gracefulness.

These pictures are all graceful in their own way and were taken during a special time, trip or moment. Sometimes a mystical or magical atmosphere could create a certain gracefulness, sometimes it is the way a human being or animal acts, and sometimes it might be just the seemingly delicate building hidden between massive mountains…

A huge ice bear looking very graceful and light under water in Blijdorp Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Very fine, fragile and graceful ice crystals surrounding a branch


The huge moon seems to be very mystical and graceful spending little light shining during the night


A white swan on the water looking quite graceful and majestic


A very graceful seagull


Horses are always very majestic and graceful looking animals


Along the very massive and huge Cliffs of Moher, a single rock fragment reaches gracefully out of the sea


The huge Cliffs of Moher in Ireland are majestic and graceful themselves, even though they are absolutely massive and big


Kelymore Abbey in Connemara, Ireland, peaking out the rocks and Pollacapall Lough


Calla lily – those are very graceful flowers


Beautiful cross entangled by roses in Glenderlough, Ireland

23 thoughts on “Graceful – photo challenge

  1. May I ask what is the source of your “moon” photo? It looks so much like the photo I took on January 11 of this month? It looks like every tiny shade of light and shadow match with mine. What a coincidence!


    1. I take all my pictures myself! None of my pictures were taken by others, if so I would communicate that! I put the link to shine because the moon fits not only to the topic graceful but also to shine;)
      But as I just said there is no external source of my pictures if they have my signature or if it is stated otherwise!

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      1. Okay, I’ll take your word for it. I don’t
        mind to share. I see that you went to my post just now. The last photo on my post is almost exactly like yours. It looks like we were standing at the same spot at the same time to take that photo. Well, I won’t go any further. I won’t ask where and what time you took the photo. As the moon rotates the earth, you see different shades on the moon. As I said, I don’t mind sharing. I have a lot of nice photos on my blog.

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      2. As I said I did not take some else’s picture without their credits. I take all my pictures myself! I took this picture of the moon on the 05.04.2012. between 9pm and 10pm with a Casio Exilim FH 20 camera in England, next to the Tower of London during a short visit there over Easter.
        I definitely did thank this picture myself!

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      3. Mine is not 100% full moon as you can see on the outer part of the moon on its left side. Furthermore, as I already stated I took the picture on the 05.04.2012 (5th of April 2012), not in May!

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    1. Thank you very much!! I really appreciate that 🙂 Yes, they were so cute standing there between the ruins and grooming their fur 😀 And the massive bear looks so light and easy 😀

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