Solitude – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post gave the task to think about ‘solitude’. Very often, people have something negative in mind if they think about solitude or being lonely. However, loneliness and silence doesn’t always have to be negative. Sometimes, it is quite releasing to escape the stressful, noisy and crowded places to find peace and relaxation. For me, music is always such kind of an escape. However, a physical escape for me is to go into nature, where not many people or crowds are. It is not only good to calm down in such environments, the beauty of nature is also very impressive if you take some time and apprehend your environment. Some places have a great vibe and atmosphere with them, almost being magical.

I personally love those empty and magical places where I always have a special time 🙂

Dinas Cross in Newport, Wales


Beautiful beach at Dinas Head in Newport, Wales


Benone Beach, Northern Ireland


National Trust Downhill, Northern Ireland


Kinbane Castle, Northern Ireland


Slieve League, Ireland


Upcoming storm at the coast of Slieve League in Ireland


Very calm nature of Slieve League’s coast in Ireland


Whitesands Bay, Saint David’s Head in Wales

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