Wish – photo challenge

The topic of this week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post id ‘wish‘.

A ‘wish’ is a person’s desire or hope of something to happen. It is the longing for a thing or accomplishment, the ambition or hope for change of the actual reality as well as the perception. It also could be the desire of reaching the person’s own or someone else’s goals. Wishes could be not only positive, being congratulations or good wishes, but also negative, such as spells. Furthermore, whishes can be knowingly or unknowingly.

There are many superstitious ways to ‘help’ wishes come true or to get a chance of making a wish. Many people make a wish after they blew out their birthday candles or after they have found one of their eyelashes. Blowing a blowball flower, getting at one end of the rainbow or finding a penny piece also might help to let wishes come true – but… only if you keep them secret 😉

So I won’t share all my wishes here as I want them to come true… But these are some special moments and pictures that might stand symbolically for ‘wishes’.

However, what I do wish for everyone is that they can fulfil all of their dreams and goals, that they are happy and healthy and have a special time!


Small installation in the Irish National Stud – symbolising the stars and therefore wishes after seeing shooting stars.


Blowball flower


Eye lashes


Double rainbow in Ireland

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