It is easy being green – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post is about ‘it is easy being green’. The colour green is everywhere and the most common colour in the natural world. Therefore, it is associated with safety, vitality, wealth, revitalisation, rebirth, relaxation, spring or the environment in general and stands symbolically for eternal life. However, sometimes, the colour green also stands for negative things such as feeling sick or poison. It is also known for having physical effects such as calming, relaxing and stress-relieving.

With green being the emblematic colour of Ireland, representing the vast green hillside or Ireland’s patron St. Patrick, I of course chose some pictures from my trips to Ireland for this challenge 🙂 I always love the different vibrant shades of green that the beautiful and magical landscape of Ireland offers. It is always a pleasure and a special time travelling to such a beautiful country. I would say it’s actually one of my favourite countries to go to as there are always new beautiful and magical places to discover!


Beautiful shades of green in the Irish Wicklow Mountains National Park


Irish nature and view from the Sally Gap in the Wicklow Mountains National Park


Magical view at Glenda Lough in Dublin, Ireland


Slea Head with view at the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland

Loads of mystic green nature around Lough Leane in Ireland

Magical garden of the Muckross House with view at the beautiful Muckross Lake in Killarney, Ireland

Japanese Garden of Ireland’s National Stud in Kildare



7 thoughts on “It is easy being green – photo challenge

      1. THe morning we went out to Muckross. We were actually on the road to Ross Castle early in the morning and a black stag with a branch caught in its antlers ran across the road. It was so odd and sad and magical all at once. It is a beautiful place.


    1. Oh wow, I would love to visit Ireland again as well🙂 Thank you very much, that is really kind! I’m sure you’ll get great pictures and will be amazed by the beauty of the Irish nature 🙂


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