Dense – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post has the topic ‘dense’. Dense can describe a substance or arrangement of something that has parts which are very close together leading to the difficulty to see or go through. Hence, there are many ways to show something ‘dense’. Another word describing the condition would be thick.

Choosing a small variety to vary the condition ‘dense’, I thought of a big amount of water drops rushing down a pale rock, a huge crowd of people standing very close to each other watching a concert, a dense amount of clouds crawling over a mountain or a dense amount of grass nearly hiding a resilient and ancient tumulus. Especially the dense condition of people at a festival or huge natural arrangements shaping the landscape can create very magical vibes and gave me a special time taking all the pictures.


Huge amount of people standing and sitting close to enjoy the magical vibes at Das Fest – a festival in Germany


Huge crowd of festival visitors at Das Fest in Germany shaping the landscape


Dense standing trees creating magical vibes around a waterfall – Wales, UK


Dense amount of grass covering a tumulus – Newgrange in Knowth, Ireland


Huge amount of clouds crawling over the back of a mountain – Northern Irish coast


Dense amount of water rushing down a rock – Sally Gap Ireland

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