Security – photo challenge

The topic for this week’s photo challenge of The Daily Post is ‘security’, which actually is quite a big and broad topic. In ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’ safety is the next step after psychological needs in the Pyramid and hence still belongs to the basic needs of an individual. Feeling secure is more a psychological need. However, safety needs may differ for each individual, depending on their state or situation in life. Hence, safety could mean to have a cosy home, a loving and stable family with love and warmth, but it also could be economic security such as a stable job or living without wars, fear and anxiety which may have an impact on a person’s social life. Furthermore, security could be more physical as for example guards protecting their country, police officers, fences and walls, or different kinds of locks. Without fulfilling their basic needs of security and other psychological needs individuals can’t get into the next stage of Maslow’s pyramid and reach their self-fulfilment needs.

In my opinion, safety is a very important circumstance and can be found in every stage of an individual’s state in life! Feeling secure, loved and being surrounded with family, friends and a secure home always brings around a special time in life 🙂

Changing of the guards in London, England – symbolic for protection and security
Dutch lighthouse at the coast in Zeeland making sure that ships will enter the habour safely and stay in deeper areas of the sea. It helps them to find out where the land begins and the sea ends.
Locks symbolising secure and eternal love at a fence in Cologne, Germany
Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. The statue is located at the beginning of the pilgrim trail up the Croagh Patrick in county Mayo, Ireland
Lighthouse protecting Dunree Head in Inishowen, Northern Ireland.
Caerphilly castle in Caerphilly County Borough, Wales – second biggest castle in Britain very symbolic for protection.
Statue protecting the leaning tower of Caerphilly castle in Caerphilly County Borough, Wales – two symbols for security in one 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much for the lovely comment! The guards actually were one of the first things that came to my mind thinking of security 😄


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