Earth – photo challenge

As today the world celebrates the Earth Day, I thought it would be perfectly suitable to participate in this week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post which has the topic ‘earth’.

The Earth is one of seven planets in our solar system and the third planet from the sun. It is the only planet in the universe known to harbour life and has the highest dense of the planets in the solar system as well as it is the largest of the terrestrial planets. The diameter of the Earth is around 12,700km and the planet has an estimated age of 4.6 Billion years. On its way around the sun, the Earth rotates around its axis over 365 times which also is the length of one year on Earth. Its surface consists of 71% of water, that’s why the planet looks very blue from out of the space. The other 29% consist of several rigid tectonic plates which build the continents and islands.

According to religious and biological theories, there are different myths on how the Earth, as well as its inhabitants, were created. However, it is stated that billions of years ago the first life on earth appeared in the oceans and began to affect both the Earth’s surface and atmosphere, by creating anaerobic and aerobic organisms during an evolution. Up to date, there is no certain number of how many different species of organisms live or have lived on Earth. However, the most influential species living on the planet are the humans. Currently, there are somewhat 2.5 Billion humans living on Earth and the number is steadily increasing.

The World Earth Day arose from a student movement in Washington (USA) around 1970. Since then, the 22nd of April has been a worldwide common day for creating awareness of the planet and its problems such as pollution, climate, the growth of population and other important topics.


I think it is very important to appreciate the beauty of our planet and to take care of it as good as possible. If we just look away and stop caring we’ll destroy the beautiful nature and landscapes as well as the animals living in those environments. There are so many magical and amazing places on Earth that enable us having a special time there and enjoy our life to the fullest. In return, we should cherish those availabilities and try to keep them safe. Only a stable and balanced environment will give us the chance to stay and live on a pretty and lovely planet.

So to celebrate our planet and its many facets here are some impressions of the beauty of our home 😉


Dingle Peninsula, Ireland


View at a small lake while descending Mount Snowdon in Wales


Walking trail around Foel Cynwch in Wales


Foel Cynwch, Wales


Lovely butterfly


Lent lily at the Keukenhof, Netherlands


Seeds bringing new life


Somewhere at the coast of White Head – Kinbane, Northern Ireland


View from the Rope Bridge, Northern Ireland


Impressive nature – Slive League, Ireland


Slive League, Ireland


Bantry Bay, Beara Peninsula Ireland


Coast at the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

13 thoughts on “Earth – photo challenge

  1. Agree with you that we can all do our part to make this planet more sustainable. We can all do that every day. When I take out the trash every odd day, I remind myself to seperate out the bottles and boxes and putting them into a different bin…they should all go back into recycling and maybe they will be made into something else 🙂

    Beautiful selection of shots, very diverse. Land, sky, sea, earth, mountains, clouds…all so beautiful and also agree that the earth can make us feel like we are a part of something special. I like to chase sunsets and each one definitely feels special 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, I’m really happy you like my post and pictures 🙂
      That’s true! It doesn’t have to be much we do, the little things every day are way better and more effective than worrying and doing nothing… Everything is great no matter how little it is🙂

      Again, thank you very much! I really love how many different beautiful facets the planet offers us! I love seeing different landscapes, sunset, the sea, it all makes me feel how precious the life is🙂


      1. They really are very lovely pictures. So many places to explore in this world 🙂 Haha, agree. Doing something is better than nothing and little by little, we will make a difference in this beautiful planet 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you very much!! Really appreciate that 🙂 That’s true! There are loads of lovely places I really would love to visit but haven’t been to yet 😄


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