Wanderlust – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of The Daily Post is about ‘wanderlust’. The term itself originated in Germany and describes a person’s need of just going outside and starting to walk along a path or travel the world. It is also the opposite word of being homesick. Since 1902 the word was adapted to the English language as well as it is used in Italy, Denmark and Ireland.

For me, there are many different symbols that stand for ‘wanderlust’ such as birds, a compass, wind, arrows, a plane and loads of other symbols. However, every time I look through older pictures of my travels the feeling of ‘itchy feet’ or the want to go outside and explore the world arise in me. Every destination of my travel path so far and all the different places were a special time in my life and I hope there are many more destinations to come 🙂


Bally Donegan Bay – Beara Peninsula, Ireland


Beautiful waves


Foel Cynwch – Wales


London Eye – London, England


Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament – London, England


Slieve League – Ireland


Train station – Coventry, England


Stonehenge – England


The sky is the limit


Habour – Liverpool, England




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