Reflecting – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post was about ‘reflecting’. Reflections can be really impressive especially thinking of massive mountains being reflected by the mirror like surface of a very calm lake. Other very interesting reflections might occur through puddles only reflecting a little spot of their surroundings. However, as I already showed some lovely reflections within nature, I thought I might choose something quite different this time 😀

People tent to walking through the streets without holding their heads up high and recognizing what is surrounding them or what beautiful things might be above their heads. As I walked through the financial business district in London, I came across some amazing reflections of the buildings surrounding me. It was definitely a special time walking through different streets such as 30 St Mary Axe or the Leadenhall Street and exploring some lovely spots.


CIMG4196 Kopie
Building reflected in another building which looks just like one – London, England


CIMG4184 Kopie
London financial district with amazing reflections and the Gherkin in the bachground – London, England


CIMG4200 Kopie
Very futuristic looking buildings and reflections – London, England


Reflecting building at the 30 St. Marry Axe with the Gherkin and St. Andrew Undershaft Church in the back – London, England


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