Danger – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post was about ‘danger’ or more precisely something that symbolises or expresses danger. There are many ways of showing danger is on the way. In some cultures, as well as in nature, the vivid colour red can symbolise danger, animals could have sharp teeth or horns symbolising they are dangerous, an extreme sportsman flying with only a parachute is highly in danger, or just the dark clouds coming closer and bringing the danger of heavy rain.

With all those different aspects, here is my small selection of what symbolises danger for me in different situations. It was always a special time taking those pictures at very magical and atmospheric places.


Very dangerous looking royal fly agaric


Dangerous sport


Dangerous horns


Danger of an upcoming storm in England


Royal fly agaric – very dangerous


Lighthouse symbolising danger for ships if they come too close – Whitehaven, England



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4 thoughts on “Danger – photo challenge

    1. Thank you very much, really appreciate your lovely comments 🙂
      Yes, I think Even If you wouldn’t know they are poisonous, you would assume they’re not good because of the colour😂

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