Evanescent – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of The Daily Post – a little bit late but till not too late – is ‘evanescent’, or more precisely about something that lasts only for a short period before it disappears and is forgotten. The ‘short period’ should be seen in relation to all components. Compared to the period of the world’s experience up today, the human life only lasts a very short amount of time. However, the time raindrops, clouds, sunsets or other nature spectacles last is quite short compared to a human life (if nothing ends human life before it naturally would end). On the other hand, it takes quite some time for the cost to be reshaped by the stormy sea or to destroy resilient old monuments such as Stonehenge.

With all that mentioned, here are some examples that in my eyes could symbolise something ‘evanescent’. I think it is very important to enjoy every single day as no one knows if it might be the last one. So having a special time, travelling, listening to music, being around family and friends is always important but as everything on earth ‘evanescent’…


Clouds and sunset – Ullswater, Lake District UK


Paris2 (309x)
Life is evanescent – Cimetière de Montmartre, Paris France


Ice crystals are evanescent


Sheep lying on the field next to Stonehenge in the fog – England


Fog swallowing Stonehenge – England


Seagulls flying – England


CIMG3437-st.bees head fleswick bayx
Fleswick Bay – St. Bees Head, England


St. Bees Head, England




CIMG4417 Ulls Water Church of Saint Patrickx
The Church of Saint Patrick – Ullswater, England



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