Friend – photo challege

„If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart and I’ll stay there forever” – Winnie the Pooh


This week’s photo challenge of The Daily Post is about ‘friends’. A friend is a person who is very close to you, who you like a lot and know very well, but is not a direct family member. Friends share their best moments together. However, they don’t have to stand right next to you to be close! They will be always by your side, no matter how far you are apart. They are there in good times and help you getting through bad times.

It is always a special time for me seeing my friends and spending time with them! And therefore, I thank them a lot and am really grateful for having them!


However, friends do not necessarily have to be human. They also can be animals or pets that you love, as well as music or other hobbies that help you through tough times and make you feel better. So here are some pictures that might symbolise ‘friends’.


Foto 263x
Faithful soul
Friends carry you – Die Toten Hosen, Rock am Ring
Music connects – friendly atmosphere during You Me At Six’s show opening the Thirty Seconds to Mars concert in Frankfurt
Enjoying festival vibes with your friends – Rock am Ring
Lovely friend sayinh ‘hello’
Friends hangingout together


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