Sunshine Blogger Award :)

I just saw that I have been nominated fort the ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’ by Amela ‘Age 45’ – THANK YOU 🙂 I am really honoured and I am really happy about that and never thought that many people would like my blog. I really appreciate that! So, thank you very much for taking your time and stopping by!!!

Amela also has been nominated for the award and has a lovely blog herself, which is called ‘Magic and beauty’. You can find her blog here. Have a look, she also has great posts and beautiful pictures! You will definitely have a special time stopping by and looking around:)


The rules for accepting the award are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.


Here are my answers to the questions

1. What do you prefer to drink a cup of tea or a cup of coffee?

That is quite hard… I love coffee; however, I drink a lot of tea during the day. But I definitely have a cup of coffee every morning.

2. Where would you like to live?

There are many beautiful places on this planet. But so far Ireland and England have been the most magical places I’ve been to. I think it would be really nice to stay there a little longer.

3. Do you like history and what is your favourite character from the history and why?

Yes, I think history can be really interesting. Especially the English history or the history around the pharaohs in Egypt are interesting. I always was fascinated by Nefertiti and Tutankhamun.

4. Do you like music and what is your favourite music genre?

I love music! I think I couldn’t live without 😀 My favourite music genres are rock, alternative and post-hardcore. You can also have a look at the posts I wrote about some of the artists I’ve seen live 😉

5. Do you plan to go somewhere during this summer holidays and where?

Yes, I’ll probably will visit the British coast. And I’m really looking forward to it!

6. Where do you live (name of the place, county, region, country)?

I am from Germany and this is how the region looks like where I live:

Castle in Germany
Beautiful sky in Germany
Small river in Germany
Sunset in Germany

7. Do you like pats? And do you have one?

I like pets, but unfortunately I don’t have any pets anymore. I had budgies when I was younger.

8. Did you receive already some blogger’s award and if yes, which one?

I was nominated for the ‘Bloggers Recognition Award’.

9. Did you ever travel by railway and if yes, what was the direction?

Yes, I did. It was a trip to Paris, France.

10. What is your horoscope sign and do you believe in horoscope?

My sign of the zodiac is Capricorn. I think it somehow relates to my personality, however, I do not believe in horoscopes. There are formulated too vague.

11. Do you have any advice for bloggers around the world (please, describe)?

I would say, just write and post whatever you like and love. If you like you posts and create them about of passion it will touch others as well. Do not doubt or quit too soon. It takes time and patience to get noticed, but you shouldn’t have a blog just to be ‘cool’ – you should start a blog for yourself and because you want to start it 😉


My nominees are:


Cee’s Photography

Miss Marzipan


The Vegan Twist

Twinsie’s Blog




Random Thoughts From Lorne

Collecting Other Places


My questions:

  1. Where are you from and what is typical for the place you are from (maybe there are some misinterpreted stereotypes)
  2. What type of music do you like
  3. What is your favourite song and why?
  4. Which place would you love to visit, but haven’t been able to go to yet?
  5. Do you like festivals? Which ones have you been to so far?
  6. How do you get inspired? Are there specific places, atmospheres or people?
  7. What was the reason you decided to start a blog?
  8. Are you a nostalgic person still listening to vinyl/cd’s or do you prefer the modern streaming services?
  9. Is there something you always wanted to learn but haven’t found the time to do so yet?
  10. Can you play any instruments?
  11. Have you seen any nature phenomena and how did it change your sight at the world?


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