Focus – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily post is about ‘focus’. I think it’s a very interesting topic, especially regarding photography. It either could mean taking a picture of something in your focus or focusing on something by putting it in the front while keeping the background blurred. Focusing is very useful for close-up’s or to highlight something in a larger scenery.

As I love taking pictures of flowers, putting the focus on them very closely I obviously had to choose such pictures for this challenge 🙂 It’s always lots of fun taking those pictures and a special time 😉


Focus on the lovely house on the left side versus focus on the flowers on the right side – Glendalough, Ireland


Close-up of a single flower with a raindrop in focus


Focusing on the group of flowers on the right while the rest in the back and in the front is out of focus


Close-up of a seagull in focus


Spott on the lovely flower


Blurry background and focus on the flower in front



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