Collage – photo challenge

This time the post for the Daily Post’s photo challenge with the topic ‘collage’ was a little bit delayed. However, here it is 🙂

Walking through different cities there are always some very interesting graffities and artistic paintings in the streets. Sometimes they are not legally there and don’t have any value at all. However, in more cultural and creative districts you can find very pretty and creative paintings, graffitis, collages, fancy storefronts or other artistic things with loads of value. Those creations mostly attract many tourists as well. It is always a special time walking through a city and exploring all those creative spots.

So here are some painted collages of the Camden area in London.


Unknown artist – graffiti, Camden London


Painting, unknown artist – Camden, London


IMG_9843 Kopie
Camden, London


Different storefronts – Camden, London


Collage as storefront – Camden, London


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