Land’s End

Visiting the southern coast of England, I also went to ‘Land’s End‘, a headland and lovely holiday area in Cornwall, which is part of the Penwith peninsula and seen as the most westerly point of England. The edge is marked by the ‘First and Last House’ which is now a small gift shop.


Way to Land’s End – Cornwall, England


Land’s End – Cornwall, England


Coast path view – Cornwall, England


First and Last House – Cornwall, England


The place is especially known for end to end journeys and as part of the common phrase ‘from Land’s End to John o’Groats’ for very long distances. For over two hundred years, tourists have been visiting. In the early days the visitors often travelled to the point by foot or horse as the path was muddy and small. Today, around two hundred meters away, there is a big entertainment complex with cafés, food stalls, small shops, a hotel and other entertainment facilities.


Coast path – Cornwall, England


Land’s End – Cornwall, England


Way to Land’s End – Cornwall, England


Land’s End – Cornwall, England


Until 1982, Land’s End was owned by a Cornish family before it was David Goldstone who sold it to the National Trust later on. David Goldstone also developed the theme park that is hosting a night-time firework with live music twice a week during August.


Tourist attraction at Land’s End – Cornwall, England


Small lighthouse at Land’s End – Cornwall, England


In my opinion, the point itself is not very spectacular and crowded with loads of people. However, as I started in Sennen Cove and walked along the coast path all the way to Land’s End, it was a very nice view and a special time. It is very interesting to stand at the most westerly part of England at the edge – literally at the land’s end 😉


Rough sea at Land’s End – Cornwall, England


Colourful flora around Land’s End – Cornwall, England


View back at the tourist attraction and the hotel at Land’s End – Cornwall, England


Beautiful coast at Land’s End – Cornwall, England



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9 thoughts on “Land’s End

  1. Great photos from my home area, I used to live in St Just, 3-4 miles north of Land’s End, you can see Cape Cornwall in one of your photos 🙂 The lighthouse, by the way, is called Longships 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much ☺️ I’ve been to St. Just yesterday after a long walk to Mên-an-tol, the Mine, the twelve maiden and other interesting stone circles! At the End we stopped at Cape Cornwall 😄 It is a nice area here for sure! Oh, thank you, I didn’t know that!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope that you are having a wonderful time down there, and not getting too wet!! I must admit, I miss living in St Just, there were certainly plenty of wonderful walks around there 🙂

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