Textures – photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge of the Daily’s Post is about different ‘textures’. A quite broad topic as there are different ways to describe the meaning of ‘texture’ or more precisely, textures can be a consistency, feel or appearance of a substance or surface.

Walking around in nature, there are many different plants, landscapes, stones and other things that have their own specific texture or might combine different textures to make them individual. The beach can show different sand textures, plants can have very thick leaves, snow could show sparkling ice crystals and flowers might have different textures regarding their leaves as well. It is always a special time having a walk in nature and exploring the different appearances of plants, landscapes, the flora or fauna. So here are my examples of textures in nature.


Flower with different textures


Different textures of this green plant with very thick leaves and spikes


The combination of smoothe looking clear rain drops and the spikey thick leaves


Garten (239)x
Ice crystals creating different textures in the soft snow


la susi holland 1612x
The sea created a specific pattern in the sand leaving different textures with the shells and sandy coast



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