Ooh, shiny! – photo challenge

This week‘s photo challenge of the Daily Post has the topic ‘Ooh, shiny!’ and is about something that catches your attention immediately, no matter what you are doing or have been doing before.
Well, despite being focused and organised most of the time everyone has those moments when something happens that immediately catches your attention no matter how focused and concentrated you have been before. This also happens to me… Walking around the city searching for a specific place or talking to friends – when I hear an amazing sounding voice or music I really like, I’m immediately distracted 😀 When the clouds turn into a great pink or orange colour as the sun is setting I’m definitely grabbing my camera (if I have it with me) or phone to take loads of pictures. Tiny sparkling raindrops on flowers or leaves also get my attention as they sparkle in the sunlight in the morning or after a heavy rain. Furthermore, walking along the coast while I’m on holiday, I could watch the sea and waves for hours. Whenever I find big crushing or splashing waves they’ll definitely get my attention 😀

All those small things always bring a special time with them, no matter how small they seem to be 😉


Keywest in Dublin having a live session! Their music immediately caught me 🙂


Shiny sunset in Newquay – Cornwall, England


Splashing waves in Cornwall, England


Amazing coast view – Land’s End Cornwall, England


Lovely raindrops



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